Lianne Anderson

OT Assistant, Accredited ICF Professional Coach, Nutritional Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner.

Lianne is a qualified and accredited ICF Professional Coach and Nutrition Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner

She is trained in using modalities from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Transactional analysis.

Lianne uses Mindfulness and Self Compassion practices at the core of all her work and believes in a whole person approach to support her clients in moving from coping and getting by to healing and thriving.

In her previous work as a weight management consultant Lianne was passionate about supporting and empowering people in changing their habits and developing their self-belief and self-awareness around making healthier more aligned choices.

Lianne started working in transformation 30 years ago honing her skills of listening deeply on a 121 basis. After running her own business for 10 years she decided she wanted to take further training in order to work with people on a deeper level in supporting them to make the changes they desired with greater ease.