Daisy Guy

OT Assistant, Wellbeing and Breathwork Coach

Daisy Guy is a Wellbeing and Breathwork Coach based in London. Combining the psychotherapeutic benefits of breathwork with practical and effective tools to reduce stress, anxiety and improve health, Daisy’s sessions are designed to support and empower. They offer a compassionate space for individuals to find greater freedom from unhelpful narratives, addictions, and behaviours so they can live more fulfilling, connected lives.

Daisy Guy is a professional member of the Global Breathwork Alliance; the International Breathwork Foundation, UK College of Mindfulness Teachers, The Royal College of Occupational Therapists, and is also mentor to Breathwork Facilitators in training. In addition, Daisy is a yoga teacher and has a Level 3 Diploma in Health & Fitness and Pre/post-Natal Health.

Daisy currently works with rehabs, treatment centres and yoga studios in London and Surrey as a breathwork facilitator and complimentary therapist.