What makes us different?

Purpose People provide a creative and unique offering. Once an initial evaluation and assessment is made, a team of talented OT Assistants jump into action to implement the plan, and are allocated according to their specialist skills.

Our OTA team brings together a huge range of talents, skills, ages and cultures working across the whole of London, and this means we can offer a broad range of targeted help according to individual need.

Trouble getting the house organised?

Want to take up rock climbing?

Interested in unlocking your creative potential with cooking skills or creative writing?

Our Treatment Process

We have an Occupational Therapy Assistant to help you help yourself.

Our lead OT remains integral to the treatment, and we know that working together is more likely to produce the best possible outcome.

Together we can ignite a new passion for life, full of activity and progress.

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At our core

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    We are problem solvers

    We use our extensive experience to find solutions to help our clients get unstuck. We establish what’s important to you, and look for fun and engaging ways to do it.

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    We do

    We don’t just talk, we do. We understand the clinical benefits of activity. We are hands-on, and when we are not around, we hold you to account.

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    We are highly experienced

    With 30 years of experience working as OT’s in Mental Health, we are a valuable member of any health and social care clinical team, and offer unique perspective in aiding diagnosis.

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    We are coaches

    We bring tried and tested coaching techniques to every situation, because we know that attitude and motivation are critical.

    “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right”

    HENRY FORD (1947)

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    We are agile

    We respond quickly and professionally to clients’ needs. We know the value of home visits and the importance of working with the family to generate positive and long lasting outcomes.

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Purpose People focus on the practical skills and techniques that make life easier, more enjoyable, more meaningful, and yes, more purposeful!