OT Assistant

Suzanne worked for many years in the travel and hospitality industries, including in restaurants, on cruise ships, and as cabin crew. Her love of travel and photographing primates in the wild led her to study a degree in biology and biological anthropology. This degree covered many of her interests, particularly primate and human behaviour, neuroscience, and nutrition. A few years later, Suzanne trained as a weight management consultant with a 1:1 Weight Plan alongside studying nutritional therapy.

Over the last 15 years, Suzanne has worked in the charity sector including roles as a support worker, volunteer coordinator, office manager and English teacher. Over the last 8 years she has managed a small charity which provides HIV treatment information both in the UK and worldwide. She has travelled extensively to Africa with the project working with local communities in getting information out to harder to reach groups.

Through these varied roles Suzanne has developed extensive people management and communication skills and looks forward to being able to transfer these skills and experience into work with Purpose People as an OT assistant.

In her spare time, Suzanne loves going to the theatre, concerts, trying new restaurants, and driving around London on her Honda 125cc scooter!