Sid Hamid


Born in Singapore and raised on a globetrotting mix of wild life and work adventures (since 2007), Sid’s diverse experiences span the realms of occupational therapy, coaching, self-publishing, modelling, guerrilla marketing, solopreneurship, business networking and launching a social impact start-up. Throughout this extraordinary journey, Sid has conscientiously tended to his health (including his traumas) and well-being, learning to survive well in this difficult world.

Sid proudly identifies as a “Multipotentialite”. He thrives on exploring a myriad of interests, projects, and creative endeavours. He loves the challenge and process of cultivating dynamic, ‘just good enough’ skill sets where his multifaceted abilities intersect to offer fresh perspectives to challenges, birth innovative solutions, and deliver valuable outcomes with individuals, groups & teams alike.

In addition to his role as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, Sid brings over 5000 hours of coaching experience and expertise (ICF PCC) to empower neurodiverse individuals and groups, nurturing them into impactful, influential human beings and leaders. He wholeheartedly believes that everyone has talent and can shine brilliantly when provided with the right ‘spotlight’. He challenges the limiting constraints of labels and boxes, striving to unlock the limitless potential within each of us.