Roy Shewry

OT Assistant and Personal Trainer

As a lifelong avid gamer, Roy was definitely one of the nerds in school and using games as a central focus for socialisation remains one of his key interests.

After giving up his management career in the timber industry to focus on raising his young family in 2013 he began to enjoy going to the gym. Because of his Type 1 diabetes, he developed a keen interest in the best and healthiest way to train.  He was fascinated by the science behind the training and this led him to qualify as a Personal Trainer (L.3) in March 2020. As a PT, Roy’s focus is geared towards wellbeing, health, confidence and gradually getting fitter rather than quick-fix results. He strives to make exercise accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their current ability.

As a personal trainer who specialises in working with clients who are anxious about their health, starting to exercise and going to a gym, Roy tailors his approach to the needs of each individual client. He adapts his sessions to work at their pace, encouraging them to push themselves to reach their own best level of fitness.

Alongside this, Roy has always been aware of the role of physical wellbeing in good mental health, and he proactively seeks to help clients with their mental wellness. He is a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Alongside his PT role, Roy plays board games regularly with friends and family, and he runs regular games of Dungeons & Dragons for groups of both adults and children.  He has integrated this love of board games with his interest in mental health and wellbeing as a means to communicate with clients in different ways to other therapists.

Combining these two passions into his practice as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, Roy works with clients to increase their social confidence and find their version of