Laura Occhionero

OT Assistant

I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant and Massage Therapist specialising in sports massage. As a passionate runner, I have suffered several injuries in the past which regularly led me to temporarily stop my training. During one of my “recoveries,” I developed an interest in techniques to support healing from injuries and I decided to train in massage therapy.

These days I work with private clients in the home at spa treatment centres, gyms and physiotherapy practices. My work helps me to stay close to the sport I love and to help people who have suffered similar situations to mine.

As an OT assistant, I am delighted to have the opportunity to transfer my core skills as a massage therapist and healer into my work with Purpose People. My understanding of anatomy and physiology and the psychological trauma caused when our bodies are injured enhances my work with clients who require support to increase their independent living skills across all areas of their lives.

I am a firm believer in the Latin motto “mens sana in corpore sano”: “a healthy mind in a healthy body” – is the most important thing in our daily and often stressful lives.